LED Ideas

LED Ideas are the lighting design and supply specialists. Our bespoke LED lighting solutions can be found in homes and businesses across the UK. The LED lighting we supply is brighter, more energy-efficient and more cost-effective than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Not only do LED bulbs look smarter and last longer, but they can significantly reduce your energy consumption, saving money and imparting discernible environmental benefits.

LED Ideas don’t just provide LED lighting; we work closely with business and domestic customers to design LED fittings to suit a wide range of applications. With over 40 years’ experience within the lighting industry, we are able to effectively identify the needs of businesses and work closely to deliver their objectives. Whether you are looking to make your workplace brighter, greener or simply cheaper to run, we can help. To save time and money, switch now and start reaping the benefits. The future’s bright, the future’s LED lighting.